Disciplinary action is normally used by an employer to deal with alleged misconduct ranging from relatively minor issues such as persistent poor time keeping to more serious issues such as alleged theft or fraud, which could result in dismissal for gross misconduct. It should not apply to cases involving genuine sickness absence, proposed redundancies or poor performance. 

An employee facing disciplinary action will often find that the process is drawn out over a few weeks and it can be a stressful experience particularly if it involves serious allegations, suspension and an investigation as well as the disciplinary meeting itself. 

I can advise on all aspects of the disciplinary process, including your right to be accompanied at the disciplinary hearings, how to make the best use of your chosen companion, how to gather and present evidence that might help you refute the allegations or show that others have got away with similar misconduct in the past but you are being unfairly singled out.  If necessary I can also advise on how best to appeal against a disciplinary penalty that has already been issued, such as a final written warning.

If you feel as a result of the disciplinary action that you no longer want to work for your employer, I can advise on how to approach your employer with the aim of achieving the termination of your employment via a settlement agreement which includes an agreed and acceptable reference. The reference is a key issue that can easily be overlooked as there is no statutory obligation on an employer to provide a former employee with a reference.

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