A grievance procedure is put in place by an employer to give employees a formal way of dealing with any grievances relating to their employment fairly and without unreasonable delay. In outline, an investigation will usually be carried out and a meeting will be held with the employee to discuss the grievance.  After the meeting the employer will inform the employee in writing of the outcome, and give them the right of appeal. It is a good idea to seek advice from an experienced employment solicitor who will help you ensure your grievance includes a full description of the nature of the complaint, including all relevant facts and the dates and names of individuals involved.

I advise employees on all aspects of the grievance procedure, regardless of the nature of the complaint. If appropriate, I can help you raise the issue of a settlement agreement with your employer, in the event that you decide you would prefer to terminate your employment during the course of the grievance proceedings.

If your complaint is particularly serious, raising a grievance and trying to resolve it with your employer can be an important step prior to resigning and claiming constructive dismissal at an employment tribunal. I can help advise you on the crucial steps along the way, including the submission of your written grievance and written appeal.

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