After a long career working as a Lloyd’s Insurance broker in the city I was offered the opportunity to accept early retirement in exchange for not working my six month notice period. I was on good terms with my employer and it seemed to be an offer that worked well. I felt that after so many years of commuting to London the time had come to enjoy doing the things I love such as using our Camper van and cycling.

As the offer from my employer was straightforward I was surprised that I was required to seek legal advice. I contacted Wendy and she went through the documentation that I had been given to sign. She quickly raised a number of issues that I had not considered that could have left me with liabilities to the Inland Revenue.

Wendy requested some changes and my employer agreed to them. This has left me clear of any future issues with the Inland Revenue. I must say that it was a pleasure to deal with Wendy. Her advice was spot on and her professional approach impressed me.

It was nice for me to be able to meet Wendy in the informality of her home where she works rather than going to a traditional solicitor’s office.

I would highly recommend Wendy to friends,family and anyone who needs to seek advice on any employment related matters.
— Paul Palmer, Retired Lloyd's Insurance Broker
I cannot thank you enough for all your help with my case. I am all over the place lol I’m free!

Thank you so much!!!!
— Chloe Clarke, Sales Manager
I was given a settlement agreement setting out the terms my employer was prepared to offer on the redundancy of my job as Sales Director in the London Office of a US digital marketing company. I contacted Wendy Duxbury to give me legal advice so the settlement agreement could be signed off. As it was drafted by a London firm of solicitors I assumed it would be a formality to get sign it signed off and finalised.

Wendy advised me that the 3 month’s pay in lieu of notice payment should not have had tax deducted, and could legitimately be paid free of deductions for tax. I therefore ended up with considerably more money than I was originally offered!

Needless to say I was very pleased with this advice and so I quickly recommended Wendy to the remainder of my colleagues who were told they were at risk of redundancy. Like me, they were also very pleased with her efficient, friendly approach and the fact that she was able to negotiate better deals for them. Her fees did not exceed the contribution to legal fees made by our employer so there was no cost to ourselves personally.
— Farzad Jamal, Sales Director, multi-media company
Tardily I am just saying thanks for sorting out my compromise agreement. I have had a great holiday, I’ve had my money paid and I’m now in serious job search mode. So all the best – thanks again and if the need arises I will certainly contact you again or recommend you to others.
— Chris Brown
Wendy, Just wanted to say once again “thank you” for your perseverance, patience and continual support! It was an honour to meet you and having the pleasure of your support through all this battle. I cannot thank you enough for all your help and assistance.
— Karen Sampson
I would like to thank you so much for all the assistance and invaluable advice that you were able to give me in order to bring this matter to a swift conclusion. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone with employment problems.
— Robin Hayward
Thank you for your letter and invoice of 26 August. It is a pleasure to attach my cheque in settlement of your professional charges in connection with recovering the payment from the profit share scheme. I am very grateful for your assistance with this, from the outset you managed my expectations realistically and I feel that you provided me with unbiased and honest opinions and advice. I am grateful to Chris for making the introduction and I will probably be forced to buy him a beer (well, maybe just a half!).
— Russ Bearman