Being dismissed by your employer and coming to terms with it can be a very stressful experience. I can help you understand whether your have been treated fairly within the meaning of the law and advise you on whether or not you may have the basis of a successful claim for unfair dismissal at an employment tribunal.

If you do have the basis of a successful claim we can discuss your options. These are likely to include early conciliation through ACAS, pursuing your claim to an employment tribunal or negotiating a settlement with your employer, usually by means of a  settlement agreement. If your claim has already been issued a settlement can be achieved by a formal document issued by ACAS known as a COT3. I can advise you on the time limits for bringing a claim, and the likely amount of compensation to be awarded should your claim be successful.

In practice, many employees who do have the basis of successful claim against their employer prefer if possible, to negotiate a settlement of their claim in order to avoid the cost, stress and work involved in preparing for a court case, which will often take many months. I  have considerable experience in negotiating settlements in these circumstances.

In cases where you decide to pursue your claim to the Employment Tribunal, I can advise you on the conduct of your claim from the initial stages right through to the hearing itself.

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